Cleartox – 500g

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It is concentrated encapsulated bacterial culture combined with many kinds of bacteria in a single product. It is a seven species of marine bacteria in encapsulated colored spherical balls of 1 mm size with a simple form of dextrose film coating for extended shelf life. Reduces ammonia, nitrite, hydrogen sulphate and odor quickly. Best suited for marine tank, reef aquaria, and live rock seasoning systems.


Bacillus sp – oxidizes, carbohydrate, fat and organic acids. Improves and regulates the fish digestion.
Cellulomonas sp – Converts cellulose to soluble carbohydrate which will be used as food for other beneficial bacteria.
Aerobacter sp – At micro aero-philic conditions (soil) this bacteria ferments carbohydrate to short chain organic compounds which serve as the energy and food source to other beneficial bacteria
Nitrosomonas sp – Oxidizes ammonia to nitrite
Nitrobacter sp – Oxidizes nitrite to nitrate.
Pseudomonas sp – Oxidizes the organic and inorganic (hydro carbons) wastes.
Rhodococcus sp – Eliminates unusual odor in aquarium system by removing hydrogen sulphide.

DOSAGE : 1g/200L